Need shipping?

At Moonlight Dreams, I offer three methods to get your bunny safely to your home.
At the time of reservation, you will be prompted to select either pickup or the shipping method.
Airline cargo and ground transportation requests must be approved before reservation.

1. Locally picking up your bunny here at or near Moonlight Dreams Rabbitry
2. Shipping via airline cargo
3. Shipping via ground transportation

To learn more about each of these options and request shipping, please visit our shipping page:

How do reservations work?

Bunnies will not be able to be reserved until their individual photos, colors, and genders are published on my website.
These bunnies are available on a first come, first serve basis in order to give all a chance at adding a Moonlight Dreams bunny to their family. I work as quickly and efficiently as I can. I thank you in advance for your patience!

The “Reservations” button will redirect you to the bunny reservation page.
To request to reserve a bunny, you will fill out my bunny reservation form. This form has several fields for you to complete.

The first few fields ask for your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. This name will be the name I provide to the airlines if airline cargo shipping is requested. Please be sure this is the name reflected on your state issued ID as the airlines require this to be confirmed to pick your bunny up.

The next field asks for you to specify which available bunny you would like to reserve.

After this, you will be asked to select your preferred shipping method:

Pickup at Moonlight Dreams Rabbitry, Ground Transport, or Cargo Shipping.

The third asks you to agree to the Moonlight Dreams Rabbitry Adoption Policy.

The fourth asks you to select if you will be purchasing your bunny as a companion or with pedigree. Please review each bunny’s individual details to see which options are listed and the applicable price for each option. Moonlight Dreams bunnies will be noted as either companion quality or breeding quality/pedigreed:

Companion Quality
Bunnies listed as companion quality are available to companion homes only. These bunnies will make an excellent addition to your family but are not quite right for a breeding program. Companion quality bunnies are sold without a pedigree and cannot be used for breeding. Companion bunnies do join their new families with a birth certificate detailing their name, color, birth date, and parents.

Breeding Quality
Bunnies listed as breeding quality are available to both breeding homes and companion homes. These bunnies will be both wonderful companions and promising breeding prospects. I only list bunnies as breeding quality if they have met my qualifications and have strengths to add to a program. Breeding quality bunnies will have two prices listed – one for companion homes and one for breeding homes. Bunnies sold at companion price are sold without pedigree and cannot be used for breeding. Bunnies sold at breeding price are sold with a pedigree and can be used for breeding.

The fifth option, this one optional, is for your to list your bunny’s new name if you have decided upon it. If you do not input a new name, your bunny’s “litter name” will appear on their pedigree (for breeding prospects) or birth certificate (for companion bunnies) instead of their new chosen name. Once a name is listed on the pedigree, it must stay on their pedigree and the pedigrees of any potential offspring.

Upon approval of your reservation request, I will send an invoice, which can be paid securely with a credit/debit card, to the email address you provide for the balance of the bunny and shipping fees (if applicable).
Families are allowed 1 hour to pay their invoice. If not paid, the invoice will be cancelled the bunny will become available to new inquiries.
Once paid, your bunny will be officially marked as yours!

After You Reserve

Congratulations on your new addition!

You will receive an email confirmation from Moonlight Dreams detailing your purchase with a receipt. I will send you our bunny care guide to your email for transitioning your bunny into your home, as well as my care and feeding recommendations. I also include a guide for exactly what to expect when picking your bunny up from me, a ground transporter, or at the airport. You will find this information extremely helpful!