Moonlight Dreams Rabbitry Adoption Policy

Here are at Moonlight Dreams, we care for each and every one of our bunnies. I hope you will provide the same level of care and love to the bunny that you adopt. By purchasing a Moonlight Dreams bunny, you are stating that you have researched and are educated on the needs of rabbits and the responsibilities of owning one.

To reserve a bunny, the full payment plus a 4% transaction fee (and any applicable shipping fees) are due immediately upon reservation. Or you have the option to send via Paypal (Friends & Family ONLY) to avoid this transaction fee. This reservation is a final sale. I do not offer refunds unless death/illness/injury occurs while your bunny is in my care. You cannot switch bunnies for any reason after your reservation has been submitted. Be sure you are ready for the commitment of welcoming your new Moonlight Dreams bunny!

I cannot guarantee that every bunny will be able to handle shipping or the transition to your family. I am not responsible for any health issues after the bunny leaves my care as this is beyond my control. All babies leave healthy to the best of my knowledge and judgement. I will under no circumstances sell a sick or ill bunny. I do guarantee that each of your bunny’s parents are entirely healthy with no known health issues. By purchasing a Moonlight Dreams bunny, you are stating you are aware of this.

There are no guarantees on gender. Although I do my very best to accurately sex the bunnies, there is no 100% guarantee. Baby bunnies are tiny and their genitals are quite similar looking while they are still so young. Prior to reservation, I will double check the gender of each of the bunnies. I will not refund in the instance of incorrect sexing. By purchasing a Moonlight Dreams bunny, you are stating you are aware of this.

Bunnies sold as companions cannot be used for breeding. If purchasing a companion quality bunny, you are agreeing to not breed your Moonlight Dreams bunny.

I cannot guarantee show success or reproductivity of any breeding quality bunny sold. All breeding quality bunnies are listed as such as I believe they have strengths to add to a program. All are sold as unproven juniors unless otherwise stated. If purchasing a breeding quality Moonlight Dreams bunny, you are agreeing to this.

Information listed in your rabbit’s pedigree or birth certificate must never be altered in any way. Changing information on your Moonlight Dreams rabbit’s pedigree or their potential offsprings’ pedigrees will be considered falsifying pedigrees. This includes potential altering of the prefix of “Moonlight Dreams” the rabbit name, and ear number. I take great pride in my breeding program and am proud to have my bunnies carry my rabbitry name. If changes are needed for the listed gender or color, please contact me. If you decide to tattoo your bunny, the individual unique number I have assigned to your bunny must be placed into the left ear.

If you neglect to pick up your bunny, no refund will be given and your bunny will be placed up for adoption immediately.

Closed Rabbitry:

We currently do not allow visitors to walk through our Rabbitry or touch our breeding stock or cages. This is for many reasons. The main reason is to ensure our rabbits maintain good health and do not pick up any diseases or sickness from visitors. We apologize for the extreme caution, but hope that you understand and respect our policy. Doing this allows us to ensure you are receiving the healthiest, best quality rabbits possible and no sickness or diseases are spread. We have healthy animals and intend to keep them that way.

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason, period. We also reserve the right to cancel a reservation without explanation. If any deposits have been made and we initiate the cancellation, we will issue a full refund.