Listed below are our available bunnies to adopt! Photos of their parents can be found on the Mama & Papa Bunnies page.
I post all photos of my little ones here on this page. I provide three photos per bunny.
Please do not request additional photos of the bunnies. I ask that you respect my time. I dedicate hours to raising and caring for these lovely little bundles of joy! We will never produce too many babies that we are unable to properly care for. We stand by the rule quality over quantity. That being said, we may have only a few babies posted at a time for reservations.

However, we do have litters year-round! We will most likely have a new litter of kits within a couple weeks if you didn’t get a chance to reserve a baby from one of our current litters. Our babies are popular in demand just because of how they are raised and handled from day one. They are hand raised and spoiled from birth. All Moonlight Dream bunnies certainly come pre-spoiled with lots of love, cuddles, & kisses! You can rest assured that your new bunny addition is coming from a healthy, well behaved family of rabbits.

***All babies will be treated for coccidiosis, will be dewormed, & treated for mites (as preventatives) before joining your family at 8 weeks. This plays a role in our pricing as well. Each bunny will leave with a 72 hour health guarantee (Does not apply if using transportation services).

Each Moonlight Dreams bunny joins their new family with a bunny bundle including transfer pellets, supplements, a fleece blanket, birth certificate, care sheet, and other goodies. If you choose so and the option is available, bunnies can be pedigreed for an additional fee.

To learn about our reservation process and shipping options, please visit this page:

Before reserving your bunny, please thoroughly review my Adoption Policy.
You will be prompted to agree to this policy upon reserving your bunny.

Available Bunnies

Bunnies Ready for Reservation are bunnies who are younger than 8 weeks of age and will be ready to hop to a new family beginning on the date listed on their information.

Looking to add a Moonlight Dreams bunny to your family in the future?

Join the Notification List!
Notification list families are notified before available bunnies are posted to my website. This provides families with a valuable opportunity to be prepared to reserve a Moonlight Dreams bunny the moment they become available!
If you’re ready to join, simply submit my linked form to request to be added.