About the Breeds

At Moonlight Dreams Rabbitry, we have three dwarf breeds of rabbits . Focusing primarily on Holland Lops, we also have three pairs of Netherland Dwarves and one pair of gorgeous (hard to find in the US) European Teddywidders.

Holland Lops are the iconic small, lop-eared rabbit that everyone adores!
It’s no surprise these beauties are known as America’s favorite breed of rabbit!
This beautiful breed was developed in Tillburg, Netherlands. They are known for their massive, heavy appearance in a compact body with lopped ears and a wide head. Often considered the “bulldog” breed of rabbits. The Holland Lop’s fur is of medium length, smooth, soft, and wonderfully glossy! Being a dwarf breed, Hollands are typically between 3-4lbs.
Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop breeds!

Netherland Dwarves are the smallest of the breeds of rabbits. They are a true dwarf breed. They weigh between 1.1-2.5 pounds fully grown. They stay very small and super cute! They have a compact body, large head, short face, very short ears, and large eyes. It’s a distinctive look, especially the short, upright ears on the large head. The overall impression is of a young rabbit, no matter the rabbit’s age! Netherlands often have the misleading reputation of being skittish, grumpy or feisty. We have found this farthest from the truth! These little rabbits are extremely social, sweet, and curious. They absolutely adore humans and make wonderful family pets. Like any animal, it’s all in how they are raised!

We are happy to introduce you our new rare breed-Teddywidders. We have the European version of them which is very hard to find in the US. The American version is not being developed using European breeding stock and you can find many breeders of the American version in different states. The Teddywidder is an extremely rare German rabbit breed. They are a dwarf rabbit that will grow to about 4 pounds. They have lop ears and long soft hair (2″ or more) covering their entire bodies. These incredible cute rabbits differ from other dwarf rabbits in that their fur is long and soft all over their bodies. Often called “TeddyBuns” because of their teddy-bear look, they have extremely sweet personalities, and make great companions or emotional support animals. They have the perfect disposition as a lovable companion for kids and adults with their calm behavior and temperament. They are very social and thrive on human interaction! There is a reason they are nicknamed the Goldendoodles of the bunny world! This breed is just so easy to handle! They are most content on a lap! They love to be groomed and they tolerate our dogs, our chaos and our busy family. They’re not easily startled or nervous by nature. The other thing I found is how much fun they are to hold! They have such a chunky, stocky little body, thick ears and they’re covered with the softest wool. Playful and inquisitive little beings that they are, they are hilarious to watch and we have fallen head over heals.
We are so thrilled to be able to offer these babies to pet families and share the love!